Choice & Selection of a Gundog Puppy

The one rule to remember when choosing a puppy, of any breed, for work with the gun, is no matter how well-bred or how good-looking the puppy may be, unless it is bred from good working stock the chances are that it will be difficult to train and show inconsistencies when training is finished. The true working-bred puppy almost trains itself. In-built game finding ability, pace, style, a confidence with water and cover, plus the natural desire to retrieve will be evident in these puppies from an early age.

Through Boundarymoor or my network of reputable gundog breeders and handlers we will be happy to assist in training and advising you exactly what you are looking for, for both field and further. Please visit the For Sale page for further information regading availability of pups, part trained and fully trained dogs for sale. Although not a commercial kennel, we only breed when we require a pup/pup’s ourselves, from time to time pups do become available.

I can provide advice to anyone looking to purchase a puppy in what to look for and why. When visiting the breeder, what questions to ask, such as the Dam or Sire back grounds.