FTCH Boundarymoor Pearl

PEARL was born in 2009 out of Bottlingwood Starlight x FTCH Saturns Spirit and is a hard going bitch and true matriarch of the kennel. She is an incredible game finder, even with little cover, she can route them out. I’ve enjoyed so many hours shooting over Pearl, it never ceases to amaze me her continued enthusiasm for the sport. However, she has spent the last few season’s Beating & Picking Up at various locations, Altcar Estate and Wirral Shoot both ex Lord Leverhulmes and really does excel at that. She has thrown a look a like in every litter she has produced, namely Boundarymoor Rose, Dinky and most recently Elly all as brave as their mother and their Grandmother (Bottlingwood Starlight) before them.


1st All Aged Stake Welsh Kennel Club Jan 2012
1st Open ESS Qualifier East Midlands Dec 2012 
1st Open Qualifier ESSC of Wales Dec 2013 (to become Field Trial Champion).


Born in June 2016 Boundarymoor Eliza (Elly) is out of FTCH Dawsonlee Chance x FTCH Boundarymoor Pearl, since a puppy she has been full on. Was forever first out of the box, is as naughty as they come, with bags of character and drive. 

Every now and then a dog comes along that makes you smile whilst training them, well this is the dog that makes me smile. These day’s she has to be kept under lock and key. She has the hunting movement of both Pearl and Chance combined, fearless in any cover/water and even at this early age is showing all the signs of being a great bitch.

Elly rattled through the gears when introduced to game scent to and as expected has now developed beautifully. She has now also seen a rabbit or two and few pigeons. The future is looking hot.