A word of thanks I feel is due to Nick Powell of Boundarymoor Gundogs. I first met Nick through his web site and began to pester him for information even though I didn’t have a dog at the time. I then found out where he trained and turned up every week for about a month still without a dog and just asked questions none stop. His patience is remarkable not only with dogs but also with the humans and of course with me who had no dog, I was like his very own stalker. After a while I decided that a Springer Spaniel would suit my needs, so I asked Nick to keep his ears open for a well bred litter, before too long I had my very own 8 week old ESS bitch, I started going to puppy class and not only learnt a lot about pups but also about my self and how to approach problems from different directions until they are solved. My little dog is now 12 month old and the best thing I did was meet Nick who I now consider a close friend.

Any problems I encountered, Nick had an answer, if that one did’nt work he always had another. I even rang him with questions and he has never complained. So if you have a problem with your dog or if you are thinking of getting a dog I would recommend Nick Powell of Boundarymoor Gundogs as your first port of call it really changed my life for the better. Thanks again Nick.
Paul Johnson of Merebrow.

Hi Nick – I would like to say thank you ever so much for the lessons we have been receiving just recently from you. The information has been invaluable and the new regime is working really well. Colin and Jack have now started taking Tess out together and have been going through the training stage by stage. But without you, I dont know what we would have done really? Her Recall, Stop whistle and general staying with us when out on our walks has improved 100%. The whole thing is now a pleasure once again. So much so that Colin is talking about another Springer in the New Year, especially now we know what to do from a much earlier age. Thank you again.
Alison McTique – Tarlton Lancashire (ESS Bitch)

Just a few words to say thank you for your time recently and for allowing me to draw on your experience. Cass is a much more tuned in now, especially now we have had several 121’s. I would fully endorse your Services to any would-be Gundog Handler. In the short time we have spent working with you I have learnt more now than ever before. Looking forward to a structured regime and seeing my Bitch become the dog she was never going to be with me alone. Thanks again.
Paul Rowston – Halsall Lancashire (ESS Bitch)

Colin Lomes – Lytham (Labrador Dog)

I contact West Lancs Gundogs to seek advice with my 19 month old Labrador (Jet) because it appeared he had started to do his own thing when out in the field. After several 121’s with Nick Jet is back on track and doing well. We simply had to go back to basics and start his training again, mainly because I was using too many words and generally allowing the dog to do what he wanted without realising it. Nick has recognised that Jet has bags of potential to become an excellent gundog, especially in Working Tests, so because of this I intend to take regular sessions with Nick.

John Trevor – Lancashire (Cocker Dog)

Just a small note of thanks. I was experiencing problems in training my 9 month old Cocker dog, Chas, mainly because I did not know what I was doing. As most people who buy a gundog breed puppy, I presumed that his natural instincts would come through, but alas they did’nt and Chas became a handful. I contacted Nick Powell at West Lancs Gundogs and under took several 121’s with him. Nick showed me exactly what was required with his own dogs and then it was my turn to try the exercises, it was evident that I needed some basic handling skill’s. Nick has a special way with new handlers and explains in no uncertain terms exactly what the dog and I should be doing. His own dogs are a credit to him, no wonder he is well thought of in his field. I now understand that timing is the key and attempting to train a gundog myself is a full time commitment, not just a passing fad. Thank you Nick and his team.

Andy Clarke – Bolton (ESS Bitch)

I would like to thank you for all the help and encouragement that you have given me and my ESS Bitch Ruby. As you are aware Ruby became nervous of the gun back in early September 2008 whilst out shooting with me. To try and resolve this I contacted BASC, who I must say were very helpful and sincere with my problem. I was given a list of 5/6 gundog trainers, all of whom told me not to waste my time or money in trying to bring Ruby around. One of them actually told me to get rid of Ruby, obviously this was not an option.

When I contacted West Lancs Gundogs, Nick informed me he was willing to try with Ruby and for no charge whatsoever, as Nick could not give me any guarantee of success, however he offered me hope. Well its now January 2009 and the season is drawing to an end, and although Ruby is not the perfect gundog, she is now the dog I started off with back in May 2008 and this is all I ever wanted.

I still continue to do what Nick has taught Ruby and I and I see improvement all the time. Once again Nick, thank you so very much for all of the advice you have given to both Jo and I and of course the help with Ruby. I will most definately recommend you to anyone who is in need of a great dog trainer. (Andy Clarke donated a sum of money which will assist in buying training equipment)

Steve Harbisher – Newton Le Willows (Cocker Dog)

I contacted West Lancs Gundogs through the website. I have in the past worked Labradors in the field for picking up to a good standard, but had recently obtained a 12month old Cocker. Glyn is a big boy for his breed and very keen. The switch from Lab to Spaniel was a shock to the system, I’d be the first to admit I did think of giving up. After several One to One’s with Nick, Glyn has improved, he will be an integral part of the team now. His retrieving, whistle control and obedience has improved 100%. I regret the thoughts I had about giving up on Glyn, but believe in Nicks patience and going back to basic’s has worked 100%. I can now push on with the training myself.

Robert Davies – Preston (ESS Bitch)

Having had Spaniel’s before and knowing that I had made several mistakes, I didnt wish to go down that route again. So I decided to shop around via the web and found West Lancs Gundogs and Nick Powell. Due to other commitments I could not attend group training so I invested in “One to One” training. Nick certainly put me through the paces, knowing that I had only allowed 8 sessions, 4 at my location and 4 in Ormskirk, so we had some work to do. It is intense, but hugely rewarding. Homework! I thought I would never see that again, not the written type but the kind you can really enjoy, outdoors with your dog. I thank you Nick for the advice, the tour of your area, but most of all, for allowing me to regain my confidence in dog training. I have now chosen to have more session’s with Nick until September, which I am looking forward too. With Nicks assistance I can now take the training to the next level ready for this coming Shooting Season 2008/09.

Sue Mauld – Ormskirk Lancashire (ESS Dog)

I met Nick and his WLG Team at an event in Lancashire, I was so impressed with his attitude and ability to explain in detail regarding training my Springer Spaniel pup, I had no hesitation in requesting “One to One” tuition both at my home and at the training grounds in Ormskirk. I am now the proud owner of a very well behaved, balanced young Springer, who not only looks at me for instruction but actually waits for one too. Thank you Nick for your assistance and sorry again for the phone calls everyday.

Keith and Jane Taylor – Wirral (Brittany Bitch)

We first contacted Nick about the socialisation of our youngest Brittany, BB, whose training was progressing nicely, except that she would not retrieve when other dogs were present. After a short conversation with Nick, we started attending his training classes. Thank’s to Nick’s experience and his patient and sensitive approach we have seen a huge improvement in BB’s confidence and consequently her retrieving. We have now made a weekly attendance at the training class an integral part of our training regime for our pup’s and young dog’s.

Carolynne Morgan – Derbyshire (German Shepherd Dog)

I was advised to contact Nick by a mutual friend, who said Nick would be able to help in re-training my 3yr old German Shepherd Dog, where others had failed. Nick initiated the training by instructing me how to respond to my dog with his bad behaviour when around other dogs, it worked. The problem from the begining was me, not the dog. Thank you Nick for hi-lighting the obvious and travelling to me.

Alan Green – Liverpool (Labrador Dog)

I first contacted Nick in 2006 when I was looking for my 1st Gundog, a dog which I could go wildfowling with. Nick, although a Spaniel enthusiast, recommended a Labrador, which I purchased from a well known breeder in the Lancashire area. Nick then overseen the training of my pup, this will be Lol’s first full season and to date he is making me so proud, in fact if I could shoot as well as Lol finds birds I’d need another dog. Great advice and guidance.

Simon Leather – Huyton Liverpool (Flatcoat Retriever Dog)

I first contacted Nick on the recommendation of a friend who had been to training classes with his very obedient Springer Spaniel and suggested that if I wanted to get the best out of my Flatcoated Retriever puppy then I should go along and meet Nick and to see how Nick trains not only the dogs but the owners as well. Already after just twelve weekly lessons my Flatcoat puppy sits, stays, and recalls not just to voice commands but also to a dog whistle , which makes it so much easier to walk my dog without the worry of him running off when we go on our daily walks.

Carl Hughes – Rainhill Merseyside (ESS Bitch)

I first met Nick at a Gundog Demonstration in Liverpool. At the time we had recently purchased a 10 week old English Springer Spaniel Maisy. My wifes condition of purchase was that the pup would be trained correctly. After seeing the demonstration, I new who I was going to speak to.

I am a complete newcomer to gundogs, but with Nicks help, guidance and mostly patience, Maisy and I are progressing nicely. At 7 months old she will heel, on and off the lead, stop on the whistle, recall and is learning to quarter, which she is taking to very well. She will sit and stay whilst I leave her to approx 75 metres. Because of the training, she is a happy, contented gundog in training and a fabulous family pet.