Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the best gundog breed for me?
Well this totally depends on what type of shooting you do, from Beating, Walked Up, Driven, Trialling or Gundog Working Tests or simply Companion dog. With my help we will ascertain the best breed for you.

When is the best time to start training my puppy?
Every puppy is different in character and socially, so you have to observe the dog for a while to see his/her character. Is he bold or nervous, will he investigate things himself or does he need encouraging all the time.

When can I come to training?
Normally 10 days after the final vaccination, but read the answer above, is the dog up for it, or is it worth holding off for a month or two. Its not a race.

When can I shoot over my dog?
The dog must have proven in its training that it is ready for shooting over by what it has done to date. Do not rush this side of things, in the very first instance the dog must have heard shot either from a pistol, or been to a Rough Shoot or Beating at least.

When can I enter my dog into a Gundog Working Test?
When its ready to win!

I want to Trial my dog, am I ready?
We offer a full Assessment of both Dog and Handler for such events. I sometimes have Handlers come along who have trained their own dogs but with out any professional help and are disappointed when I suggest they are not ready, for what ever reason. You are much better being a member of a training club to mix with like minded persons and to socialise your dogs.