About Nick Powell and Boundarymoor Gundogs

Boundarymoor Gundogs was formed in 2008 by Nick Powell. Previously employed as a Gamekeeper for the 18th Earl of Derby in Knowsley, (purchasing his first Springer Spaniel bitch in 1984) Nick was at the estate for several years before taking on a Single Handed post on a private Shooting Syndicate based in Rainford, St.Helens, adding to his Spaniel collection on the way. 

 Successful with his Spaniels in Gundog Working Tests and Field Trials winning many awards and competing at the UK Spaniel Championships several times. In August 2007 Nick formed his training company West Lancs Gundog Club to accommodate training needs for handlers and dogs to improve the standard. West Lancs Gundog Club has grown massively since then now boasting over 170 plus members through the books.

On the back of becoming recognised for his training skills Nick was invited to represent the England Spaniel Team with FTAW Boundarymoor Tangled Gorse at an International Spaniel Test, where England won the event by 22 points.

Nick has qualified for the ESS Championship and the Irish AV Spaniel Championship on numerous occasions but most notably with home bred FTCH Boundarymoor Pearl (FTCH Saturns Spirit x Bottlingwood Starlight) which in Nicks own words was a great pleasure

Nick has also qualified with an infamouse dog named Sparky. OFTW Colcourt Sparky of Boundarymoor (FTCH Cleeburf Bramble x Not So Little Rascal) anyone who’s knows Nick will have seen this dog at some point and know how much pleasure he gave Nick, whether he was training, rabbiting or competing. Sparky is now in Denmark, has won Open trial’s gained 2nd at the Swedish AV Spaniel Championship and is now a DK FTCH with Michael Frank Rasmussen. Pearl is now retired and lives her life Picking Up on several prestigious estates locally with her kennel mate Gorse.

We have several youngsters currently but specifically a young ESS bitch from Pearls last litter is OFTW Boundarymoor Dinky. She qualified for the Championship 2017 first time of asking, by winning her Novice Open Trials back to back. Nick states she’ll be a champion this season. 

The Boundarymoor name is now well known and we have several international contacts in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy and the USA. His brand preceeds him and he is regularly contacted for advice or knowledge regarding various dogs, line breeding and availability. 

Nick says “with great family support behind me and my experience of management we have turned the club, West Lancs Gundogs, into a recognised club. We cater for all Gundog Breeds but specifically Labradors Retrievers and Spaniels (Springers and Cockers). Since its birth the club has had over 180 customers, some taking membership and returning year on year, others training a dog and moving into their preferred field of shooting, beating or picking up. A high percentage of these members leaning towards competition too. By working on recognised methods, believed to be the basis of sound gundog training by good socialisation, taking our time working with the dogs and handlers we start to see great successes even in puppies, and that is a great beginning for any dog“.

For the experienced Handler the Club offer’s refresher training through-out the summer. Shoot Over Days on rabbits and rabbit pen training, plus with access to over 1,500 acres of various training ground offering Woodland, Heath and Grassland, Rivers and Ponds in Lancashire, thus enabling you to sharpen up a dog on the whistle, in a supervised environment, ready for rabbit trials or partridge days, so by October you have something to be proud of. By taking part in activities through out the summer you will be keeping him to a standard albeit nothing compares to the real thing. But for those members who do not shoot or take part in shooting, our Test’s will keep you busy too. 

 The Club encourage’s young handlers to get involved. In an age of electronic Gaming (XBox Ipads and Wii) and Computors, we have to keep our Sport from falling behind a modern world, in doing so we must make it attractive to the younger person by encouraging them more.

Nick explains “First and foremost we cater for working Gundogs, specifically Spaniels, Labradors and their handlers, our thinking is very simple, every Gundog that enters the working field should be to a standard, by this I mean, it should Recall when asked, Stop and Retrieve when asked to do so. If you cannot achieve this then you need to go back to basics and start again. No dog should be in the field if it is not to this basic standard“.

We actively encourage our Members to take part in competitions, such as Gundog Working Tests and for those dogs showing greater drive and control, we suggest they consider Trials. Although some dogs have entered Scurries this is something that Nick is not keen on, as the excitement generated by the occassion can ruin a very good dog by drawing out noise.

Most of our clients want Shooting and Beating, Picking Up type dogs. but our last litter, every Puppy went to a trialling home, and produced 3 FTAW’s and an Open Winner. In many cases handler’s have increased their kennel by adding additional dogs to vary their own outdoor activities. 

Nick is an active committee member of the UGBA (United Gundog Breeders Association) and has previously been a committee member for several other prominent Field Trial clubs and societies but now spends most of his spare time training, judging (Nick is also a KC approved B Panel Spaniel Judge) and managing his small kennel in Lancashire.

For further information on how you can become involved with our training or any of our services please use the contact page and complete an on-line enquiry form. Alternativley contact Nick on email via nick@boundarymoorgundogs.com